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Credit List


     In Fabric - Director: Peter Strickland.

     Borley Rectory - Director: Ashley Thorpe.

     Happy New Year Colin Burstead - Director: Ben Wheatley.

     Tucked - Director: Jamie Patterson.

Free Fire - Director: Ben Wheatley.

Prevenge - Director: Alice Lowe.

The Chamber - Director: Ben Parker.

The Greasy Strangler - Director: Jim Hosking.

High Rise - Director: Ben Wheatley.

Tank 432 - Director: Nick Gillespie.

AAAAAAAAH! - Director: Steve Oram.

The Duke Of Burgundy - Director: Peter Strickland.

The ABC's Of Death 2 - Dir: Jim Hosking, Dir: Julian Barratt.

A Field In England - Director: Ben Wheatley.

Final Prayer (The Borderlands) - Dir: Elliot Goldner.

Sightseers - Director: Ben Wheatley.

The ABC's Of Death - Director: Ben Wheatley.

The Devil's Business - Director: Sean Hogan.

Kill List - Director: Ben Wheatley.

Down Terrace - Director: Ben Wheatley.

Flash Back - Director: Martin Pavey.

Zombie Office - Director: Johan Kruger.

She Should Have Gone To The Moon
                  Director: Ulrike Kubatta.

Hell's Ground AKA Zhibahkhana - Director: Omar Khan.

Watch - Director: Ben Hole.

Jim's Gift - Director: Bob Keen.

Demon Hunters - Director: Bob Keen.

Cafe D' Paris - Director: Alan Moss.

The House - Director: Vivienne Jones.

Creepy Crawley - Director: John Carr.

Shoot The Women First - Director: Ulrike Kubatta.

Green Lights Loud Buildings - Director: Ulrike Kubatta.

SpeedQueen - Director: Ulrike Kubatta.


Pepsi Max Downloaded - Director: Tony Gregory - Channel 4.

The Ultimate Ad Show - Director: Ben Mole - Bravo, CH5.

Battle Of The Atlantic - Director: Chris Purcell - Discovery/ History Channel.

Mini Mania - Director: Chris Purcell - Ch 5.

Club Culture - Director: George Snow - Ch 4.

Muybridge - Director: George Snow - Ch 4.

Toon News - Director: Mark Harrison - Disney Channel.

Dambusters - 'The True Story'- Director: Chris Purcell - Discovery.

The V Force & Cuba - Director: Chris Purcell - Discovery.


Bravo - B.A.F.T.A. winning Idents.

Discovery Wings - Channel Idents.

Animal Planet - Channel Idents.

Flextech - Corporate Identity.



End Of The Night.



Tiny Mo's Big Time Cabaret.

Gawkagogo Freakshow


Malta Tourist Board.

Star Alliance Airlines.

National Geographic Channel.

Animal Planet.

Simply Sense.

Telewest Broadband.



ITV,Ch 4,Ch 5, Living, Discovery, Bravo, Trouble
Including 5 Promax and one B.A.F.T.A winners (best use of sound/Music).

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